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From organic, to A2 desi cow milk, goat & camel milk


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Handpicked and delivered within 8 hours of collection from the farms

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India’s Largest Fresh Milk Delivery App.

With 70+ varieties of your popular branded milk to goat milk, camel milk, Doodhwala is the biggest online milk delivery platform. If you are looking for a smooth milk delivery app anywhere in Bangalore, Pune or Hyderabad, Doodhwala is here to your rescue. To your delight, we’re just not your regular milk delivery service, we are free, we are the largest online milk and grocery delivery app. Yes, you read it right! Along with your fresh milk every morning, you can also order fresh fruits and vegetables online, paneer online, ghee online, even raw chicken and fish online, with us! Select from 10,000+ everyday essentials, schedule it a day prior on your Doodhwala App and get it delivered for free the next morning on or before 5:30 - 7AM.

What makes Doodhwala, the best online milk and grocery delivery app?

Easy Subscription - Subscribe to your weekly or monthly groceries at once. No-reordering again, and again! Just hassle free life on Auto - pilot!

Free Delivery - Everything at MRP. No extra delivery charges. No minimum order. Just fresh milk and grocery without any delivery fee.

5:30 - 7AM Delivery - Get all your deliveries placed right at your doorstep, before 7AM. Just that you wished for!

What’s special with Doodhwala?

Our speciality lies in our variety. Get the choicest varieties of milk, dairy, bakery, grocery, staples, and much, much more. From online organic milk delivery to A2 paneer, to anti-diabetic flours and rice, you name it and we will have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Move over the local kiranawala, where you never find those fresh organic dairy products like organic paneer, organic ghee, fancy bakery items or that exotic ingredient from the recipe you just learnt onYouTube. Not just milk or fresh fruits and vegetables, buy your butter online, cheese online or any other dairy or daily essentials online with just a simple click, have all of them delivered along with your milk.

What’s our ‘funda’ behind getting you the freshest?

‘Funda’ is quite simple - Direct Sourcing!

Our no middleman, direct sourcing policy, where we tie up straight with the farmers, farm owners, brands, ensures you the freshest quality material at a very just price.

The Eclectic 8 Hours Rule

Did you know, we get you the best-quality hand-picked fruits and vegetables, within 8 hours of collection from the farms. Local, hygienic, clean and the freshest.

The Journey of your Fresh Milk

Freshly Sourced from farms > Cleaned and checked in our warehouse under expert supervision > Scientifically packaged with high-quality material > Carefully delivered with love.

Exclusive Features

Largest Variety of Dairy

Over 70 milk varieties plus other low-fat dairy products, lactose-free milk, organic butter, organic paneer, organic milk, whole cow milk, raw milk, buffalo milk, goat milk, camel milk & much more. So that, you can give your the nutrition they deserve.

Would like your organic milk & dairy essentials on subscription?

Select - Schedule and Subscribe on Doodhwala. From tomatoes to atta to milk, you can put any of your daily essentials on subscription.

Add or Delete items from your Delivery Schedule

Doesn’t matter if you found out really late in the evening that you ran out of those tea leaves, you just can’t go without in the morning, you know what to do! Add it to your cart, and get your tea leaves along with your next morning milk, even before you wake up. How’s that?

Pause/Resume at your will

Going on vacay? Put your subscription on hold, resume it when you are back & ready!

Our subscription plans are easy, customizable, i.e, you can add/delete/reschedule your subscription when and where you need it.

Track Expenses

Tracking Expenses is not an easy feat, but with the Doodhwala app it’s not the case anymore. Go to the app’s Delivery tab to track delivery/expenses of your scheduled orders. Your deliveries will always be on-time!

Easy Payment Options

Track down the details, have a consolidated view of spendings. Pay online via debit/credit cards, mobile wallets, with super saver deals. Check out the "Delivery History & Wallet" option in the "Me" tab to find out more info on expenses.

Few Other Essential Categories


200+ Dairy Essentials - Order online

We get out dairy directly from the vendors and that means NO storage, NO Quality problems, only the freshest finds you. From low fat curd, to A2 paneer to organic ghee, organic butter, organic cheese and much more dairy derivatives.

Bakery and Confectionery

Our premium collection of bakery and confectionery includes authentic brands like Britannia, Modern, Nestle, Sunfeast, Flat Tummies, Nutty Yogi, and many others! You might order online some multigrain brown bread, or yum cookies, no matter what, it will reach you the next morning along with your milk.

Eggs and Meats

White eggs, brown eggs, meats, fishes, sausages, everything you find on Doodhwala is quality-tested. Order meats and fishes online with us, and shall never regret it.

Grocery and Staples

From batters to rice & wheat (of your favorite brands) to various other staples, order all your groceries online on subscription. Great quality. Awesome prices. Free Delivery. Get groceries online now on.

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