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Delicious Dairy

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70+ Milk Varieties

‘One size fits all’ - Not in the case of milk.
A growing child, a young adult, an elderly person everyone has different nutritional needs, so milk they should consume are also different. That’s why the selection of milk at Doodhwala is thoughtfully curated keeping in mind your diverse health goals, and is nothing short of amazing.

From organic milk to organic A2 desi cow milk to low fat skimmed milk to goat and camel milk, we make sure you find the one you desire.

200+ Dairy Must-Haves

Whether you like it creamy or fat-free,
our range of from artisanal curd to low fat organic curd to high-protein
A2 desi cow paneer to organic butter to organic desi cow ghee is sure to offer you the waltz of pure goodness. Needless to mention, we source our dairy directly from the vendors which means no storage,
no quality issues only the freshest reaches you.

Either Fresh or off the shelves

Wouldn’t it be more fun to shop if you din’t have to worry about the quality, freshness and harmful antibiotics that goes into your dairy? Our quality standard makes it easy for you. With us, you get freshly sourced milk within a few hours of milking, delectable dairy choices right on time, when they taste the best. Everything you find on Doodhwala is checked, tested and hence, delivered to you.

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